CCJR Researchers Assist Local Law Enforcement in Identifying Sobriety Checkpoint Locations

February 10, 2010

Alcohol-impaired driving is a major—and often lethal—contributing factor in motor vehicle crashes. Because alcohol is a major risk factor in traffic collisions, state and national traffic safety policies often focus on interventions to reduce the incidence of alcohol-impaired driving. One such intervention—sobriety checkpoints—has been shown to be effective in preventing alcohol-impaired driving and injuries associated with alcohol-related collisions..

This issue brief describes how Indiana collision data were used to help direct traffic safety resources and ultimately respond to alcohol-impaired collisions in Marion County, Indiana. The brief provides an overview of impaired driving collisions in Indiana, and a description of collision data contained in the Indiana Automated Reporting Information Exchange System (ARIES). Also included is a synopsis of how the data were used to assist Marion County law enforcement agencies in conducting sobriety checkpoints.