Shepard and Miles Op-Ed--A Roadmap for Indiana's Future

March 28, 2012


A roadmap for Indiana's future


On March 25, 2012 the co-chairs of IU Public Policy Institute's Policy Choices for Indiana's Future, Randall Shepard and Mark Miles shared findings and information, excerpted below: 




Chief Justice Randall Shepard

A key challenge for any leader is to strike the right balance between addressing immediate needs and those of the future. That challenge is made more difficult by a political landscape that highlights partisan rhetoric and devalues long-term thinking and thoughtful debate.


Fortunately, some Indiana leaders are willing to buck this trend. For 18 months more than 50 leaders spent  time studying issues integral to Indiana's economic future. Working with the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, they gathered research, discussed challenges and opportunities, and developed a list of some of the choices Indiana will face in the 21st century.


Mark Miles, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, CEO

This month, those leaders and the Public Policy Institute unveiled the results within three in-depth reports designed to spark conversation among elected officials and  candidates for state office. As co-chairs of the institute's board of advisers, we hope the Policy Choices for Indiana's Future reports will drive visionary planning.


When we released the report, more than 100 civic leaders attended a forum in which they offered their reactions. We've shared our reports with elected officials as well as those people running for elected office.

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