Jamie Merisotis: A matter of more degrees

April 10, 2012

In the April 6 Indianapolis Star, Jamie Merisotis, Co-chair of the Policy Choices for Indiana’s Future Workforce and Education Commission wrote an editorial piece for the Indianapolis Star.  It begins

Indiana just took a big step forward when the Commission for Higher Education introduced its strategic plan to increase the number of adults with college degrees or certificates in Indiana to 60 percent by 2025. The Indiana Education Roundtable unanimously approved the plan and now it's time for leaders around the state to rally around this important initiative. Here's why.
As the economy in Indiana slowly rebounds and the outlook improves, a troubling trend has emerged that should have policymakers, employers and residents worried. Skilled workers are increasingly in short supply and a new report from Lumina Foundation explains that the main culprit is our state's woefully insufficient postsecondary attainment rates.

Merisotis is president and CEO of Lumina Foundation.

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