Gubernatorial Candidates consider Policy Choices for Indiana's Future

June 19, 2012

The 2012 Democrat and Republican candidates for Indiana Governor met with PPI staff and Policy Choices commissioners to discuss the recommendations and options in PPI’s Policy Choices for Indiana’s Future. John Gregg met at PPI in March, and Congressman Mike Pence’s meeting was in June.

In addition to other op-ed pieces, Indiana Senator Jim Arnold and Indiana Senator Brandt Hershman co-authored a bipartisan statement about the impact the recommendations could have on Indiana and the potential for bipartisanship that they offered. This piece originally ran in the Indianapolis Star in May (
Policy Choices includes the work of three Commissions (Education and Workforce Development, Energy and the Environment, and State and Local Tax Policy). Since the release of the Commissions’ reports in February, the project has generated over 50 media hits.
To learn more about Policy Choices, including Commission reports, an overview of the results, and policy briefs in each area (An Educated Workforce, An Environmentally Sound Energy Policy, A Balanced Tax Policy) please visit the project website (
The IU Public Policy Institute is a collaborative, multidisciplinary research institute within the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The Institute serves as an umbrella organization for research centers affiliated with SPEA, including the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment and the Center for Criminal Justice Research. The Institute also supports the Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.