Indiana 2012 Crash Fact Sheet Series Released

August 12, 2013

New IU study says state's motorcycle collisions, alcohol-related traffic fatalities on the rise

Indianapolis – New Indiana University research findings point to a steep increase in the state's motorcycle collision fatalities, up 28 percent in 2012. Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased 12.9 percent (from 140 fatalities in 2011). Once again, the 2012 Indiana seatbelt use rate is far above the national rate (93.6 percent in 2012), and seatbelt usage among pickup truck occupants continues to rise (86.5 percent), up 18 percentage points since 2007.

These data are highlighted in the recently released 2012 Indiana Crash Fact Sheets, a series of reports in which researchers analyze collision data focusing on a variety of traffic-related issues.

Each year, the IU Public Policy Institute's (PPI) Center for Criminal Justice Research, in collaboration with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and the Governor's Council on Impaired & Dangerous Driving, analyzes vehicle crash data from the Automated Reporting Information Exchange System (ARIES) maintained by the Indiana State Police. Findings are then summarized in a series of fact sheets and the annual Indiana Crash Fact Book (to be released later this fall) to serve as the analytical foundation of traffic safety program planning and design in the state of Indiana.

"Heading into our eighth year of producing these fact sheets, our research dives into safety concerns across a wide range of categories," said Samuel Nunn, PPI's Director of Criminal Justice Research. "Equipped with the crash data, Hoosiers can take a closer look at what our research says about the reported collisions, injuries and fatalities while examining their own driving behaviors."

"Our continued partnership with the IU Public Policy Institute's Center for Criminal Justice Research has helped drive policy and programming decisions over the years at the state and local level. Utilizing these reports has undoubtedly helped lead to the overall reduction in fatalities and serious bodily injuries we've seen in Indiana over the last several years," said Ryan Klitzsch Director of Traffic Safety at the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

Here is a sample of our findings for Indiana collisions in 2012:

Driver History and Crash Outcomes: Of the 290,289 drivers involved in collisions, Hoosier residents accounted for 89 percent with more than one-third having a history of traffic offenses.
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Alcohol: Indiana had 158 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities (a 12.9 percent increase from 140 fatalities in 2011) and 2,112 injuries linked to alcohol-impaired collisions.
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Occupant Protection: Indiana observed seatbelt use rates reached 93.6 percent, more than 7 percentage points greater than the national rate in 2012. Seatbelt usage among Indiana pickup truck occupants reached a 10-year high at 86.5 percent. Among the 516 passenger vehicle occupants killed in Indiana in 2012, only 48 percent were wearing seatbelts.
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Children: A total of 4,013 children (ages 0-15) were killed or injured in motor vehicle collisions. Approximately 7 percent of children involved in crashes were killed (29 fatalities) or experienced incapacitating injuries (243).
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Dangerous Driving: Twelve percent (22,527) of the 188,841 Indiana traffic collisions, and 27 percent of fatal collisions, involved one or more actions defined as dangerous driving (aggressive driving, disregarding a signal, or speeding).
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Motorcycles: There were 4,104 collisions involving motorcycles or mopeds, a 15.6 percent increase from 2011. Fatal motorcycle collisions increased even more steeply by 24.8 percent.
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Young Drivers: There were 40,417 young drivers involved in 37,325 collisions, representing a 5.6 percent annual decline in young driver involvement since 2008. In Indiana, young drivers who took driver education were slightly less likely to have engaged in unsafe driving actions (e.g., following too closely, speeding, etc.).
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Trucks: Among the 331,693 vehicles involved in 2012 collisions, 32 percent (105,751) were light trucks and 4 percent (13,090) were large trucks.
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County Profiles: In 2012 in Indiana, there were 188,841 total collisions reported by law enforcement officers, an increase of 709 collisions from 2011. Of those 188,841 collisions, 718 were classified as fatal resulting in 779 fatalities.
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