Senior Policy Analyst Drew Klacik quoted in Indianapolis Business Journal January 27, 2014

January 29, 2014

Kathleen McLaughlin discusses the Indy Chamber's case for a commuter tax in her front page story on January 27, 'Tax push targets commuters.' The Chamber argues "that it's the best way to solve continual fiscal problems threatening to make Marion County, thus the whole metro area, less competitive. . . .There's no point in discussing the mechanics of a commuter tax unless Indiana Lawmakers can first agree on the value of Indianapolis to the state, said Drew Klacik." The IBJ story continues, "Klacik argues that Indianapolis and the metro area drive the state's economy. Downtown alone hosts 3.8 percent of all jobs in the state, and 11 percent of all jobs paying $3,334 or more a month. He included those figures in a report titled, Why Downtown Matters, which was funded by Indianapolis Downtown Inc."