Littlepage studies philanthropic giving and social investment

October 07, 2015

Laura Littlepage, Senior Researcher at the IU Public Policy Institute and Clinical Lecturer at SPEA, co-authored a research paper on the challenges organizations face in evaluating philanthropic giving and social investment. The article was recently published in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Co-authors include Naveed Paydar, a Ph.D. student at SPEA at Indiana University Bloomington, and Michael Mood of Grand Valley State University. In the article, titled "Measuring Social Return on Investment Lessons from Organizational Implementation of SROI in the Netherlands and the United States," the authors examined four social venture organizations in the health care field – two in the Netherlands and two in the U.S. – that have used a type of social return on investment (SROI) measurement.

Lessons learned from the analysis include the value of process versus product and the importance of fitting the type of measurement to the organizational context. The authors conclude with a summary of best practices for organizations and social investors who want to use SROI measures more effectively.

Read the article here - Measuring Social Return on Investment