Indiana University Public Policy Institute launched

May 05, 2008

Since 1992, the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment has helped government officials, foundation leaders and others make better-informed decisions by providing them with objective, actionable research. In 2006, we established a sister organization, the Center for Health Policy, to bring the same applied research philosophy to health policy. Both centers are built upon the faculty and staff expertise of one of the top-ranked public policy schools in the nation, the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. 

The reputation and workload of these centers has grown dramatically. So has the depth and breadth of assignments with which they’ve been entrusted. In recognition of that and to expand their capacity, we’re pleased to announce the Indiana University Public Policy Institute.

The new institute will serve as an umbrella organization for research centers affiliated with the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs, including:

  • The Center for Urban Policy and the Environment
  • The Center for Health Policy
  • The newly formed Center for Criminal Justice Research

It also will support the Office of International Community Development and the Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

Building on the expertise of faculty members at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Bloomington, IUPUI and throughout the state, the Institute’s mission is to make it easier for leaders in business, government, academia, philanthropy and nonprofit organizations to address the dilemmas they face every day.

John Krauss will direct the Institute. Krauss co-founded the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment and has served as its director since 2003. He’s a proven leader who has overseen the steady growth of the center, its scope of work and client base. His experience in public policy is second to none, with more than 35 years of executive experience in government, law, higher education, and as a business consultant.