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Institute project outlines challenges of tracking Indiana’s local government financing
Jamie Palmer, Senior Policy Analyst

October 2, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS – The authors of a continuing fiscal benchmarking project say they've run into challenges as they try to monitor Indiana local government financial data. Their concerns have implications for legislators and taxpayers.Jamie Palmer, Senior Analyst at the IU Public Policy Institute, is part of an advisory committee leading the project “Fiscal Benchmarking for Indiana’s Local... Read More »

Institute report identifies number of veterans experiencing homelessness

October 2, 2015
The Indy Star recently cited the Institute's 2013 Point-in-Time Count, which showed that the number of veterans experiencing homelessness grew from 250 in 2010 to 320 in 2013. The report identifies individuals experiencing homelessness who have a high risk of death or disease, including veterans. The Institute and the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) collaborate to... Read More »

Riggs talks to WIBC about police officer budget

October 1, 2015
Can Indianapolis afford to hire new police officers? Drawing from his expertise as a former police officer and Director of Public Safety for Indianapolis, Riggs, Institute Director of Public Safety Outreach, discussed city budgets when it comes to hiring new police officers in a recent interview with WIBC. Read Can Indy Afford New Police Officers? Read More »

Littlepage studies philanthropic giving and social investment

September 21, 2015
Laura Littlepage, Senior Researcher at the IU Public Policy Institute and Clinical Lecturer at SPEA, co-authored a research paper on the challenges organizations face in evaluating philanthropic giving and social investment. The article was recently published in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Co-authors include Naveed Paydar, a Ph.D. student at SPEA at Indiana University Bloomington, and... Read More »

Riggs joins WISH-TV crime and safety panel

September 8, 2015
Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety Outreach, shared his community crime and safety expertise as a member of WISH-TV's town hall meeting on Tuesday, September 8. The panel included local leaders discussing crime fighting efforts in neighborhoods around the city. Here is a link to the video -- Experts in Crime, Safety Meet for Crime Watch Panel    Read More »