Policy Choices for Indiana's Future (Policy Choices I)

Energy & Environment Commission

Leveraging Indiana’s energy assets in an environmentally responsible, productive manner

With significant reserves of coal and biomass resources, Indiana's future economic prosperity and its residents' quality of life will be significantly affected by the state's energy policies. To be sure, federal energy policies will impose some constraints. But by thoughtfully stewarding the state's natural resources, aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities and actively supporting the development of new energy initiatives, Indiana's leaders can help Indiana capitalize on opportunities and respond to change.

Good public policy requires a clear understanding of available choices. In its report, the Commission on Energy and the Environment identifies policy options, and outlines potential positive and negative consequences. The options listed in the report do not necessarily represent the views of any particular commission member or the organizations they represent, but the knowledge of the members and outside experts provides policymakers with the objective information needed for good decision making.

Environmentally Sound Energy Policy: One Key to Indiana's Economic Future is a policy brief from the IU Public Policy Institute based on the full report.


  • Co-chairs
    • Mark Maassel, Northwest Indiana Forum (and member of the IU PPI Board of Advisors)
    • Dr. Wallace Tyner, Purdue University
  • Other members of the commission are:
    • Dr. Sanya Carley, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • Martin Coveney, Energy Systems Network
    • Dr. Greg Lindsey, University of Minnesota (and member of the IU PPI Board of Advisors)
    • Dr. Maureen McCann, Purdue University Energy Center
    • Paul Mitchell, Energy Systems Network
    • Bowden Quinn, Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter
    • Darlene Radcliffe, Duke Energy
    • Dr. J.C. Randolph, Indiana University for Center for Research in Energy and the Environment
    • Dr. Ken Richards, Indiana University Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy
    • Michael Roeder, Vectren Corporation
    • John Rupp, Indiana Geological Survey
    • Jane Ade Stevens, Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council
    • Dr. Paul Sokol, Indiana University Energy Institute
    • Kent Yeager, Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.