Faith-Based Social Service Provision under Charitable Choice: A Study of Implementation in Three States

Services: Analytical studies, Survey design, Program evaluation

Research Areas: Tax & Finance, Housing & Community Development

This project, made possible by support from the Ford Foundation, involved an in-depth evaluation of the implementation of the Charitable Choice provisions of the 1996 welfare reform legislation over the course of three years in three states—Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Indiana.

In addition to evaluating the comparable efficacy of secular and faith-based providers, the study focused on three elements critical to the success of implementation. These include the capacity of faith-based organizations to deliver and states to monitor the identified services; constitutional and fiscal accountability for resources, outcomes, and processes; and adherence to First Amendment boundaries between church and state. A documentary of the project was produced and televised.

Rachel Thelin
Wolfgang Bielefeld
  • Wolfgang Bielefeld
Sheila Kennedy
Drew Klacik
Laura Littlepage
Edward Queen
  • Edward Queen
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