Support Development of the Indianapolis Stormwater Master Plan

Services: Survey design, Strategic planning, Facilitation and mediation, Policy analysis

Research Areas: Economic Development, Land Use & Environment

In 1998-2000, through a contract with Clark Dietz, Inc., the Center helped develop a stormwater master plan for the city of Indianapolis. The Center's assistance included:
-public participation and education (developing a public participation plan, creating a public relations team, and participating in neighborhood meetings, media briefings, web pages and local access television spots),
-technical and advisory committee participation (local issues workshops, staff technical work group meetings, stormwater technical coordinating committee meetings, and citizens advisory committee meetings),
-review of Alternative Funding Mechanisms (review of alternative funding mechanisms, scope refinement, current services review, financing mechanism inventory, evaluation criteria, magnitude of fees, committee draft presentations and prepare a draft report on evaluation of funding options),
-early action projects (participate in early action projection prioritization),
-stormwater drainage planning (review of coordination of stormwater drainage planning needs, priorities, and procedures),
-stormwater policy development (review stormwater policy development),
-initial stormwater master plan (review drafts of an initial stormwater master plan for the city),
-project work plan and administration (draft work plans, presentations to the stormwater technical coordinating committee, and status reports).

Kelly Dickson
  • Kelly Dickson
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
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