Serving Central Indiana by Enhancing the Capacity of the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment

Services: Econometric modeling, Focus groups, Survey design, Analytical studies, Economic valuation, Facilitation and mediation, Geographic information systems, Program evaluation, Strategic planning

Research Areas: Economic Development, Tax & Finance, Housing & Community Development, Land Use & Environment

Central Indiana's Future: Understanding the Region and Identifying Choices, funded by an award of general support from Lilly Endowment, Inc.,(1999-2002)was a research project that sought to increase understanding of the region and to inform decisionmakers about the array of options for improving quality of life for Central Indiana residents. The Center's faculty and staff, with other researchers from several universities, worked to understand how the broad range of investments made by households, governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in Central Indiana contribute to quality of life. The geographic scope of the project included 44 counties in an integrated economic region identified by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Dona Sapp
Rachel Thelin
Marci Ackerhalt
  • Marci Ackerhalt
Tami Barreto
  • Tami Barreto
Wolfgang Bielefeld
  • Wolfgang Bielefeld
Sue Burow
  • Sue Burow
  • Senior Policy Analyst
Michele Canon
  • Michele Canon
Kelly Dickson
  • Kelly Dickson
Roger Jarjoura
  • Roger Jarjoura
Dana Jones
  • Dana Jones
Sheila Kennedy
John Kirlin
  • John Kirlin
Drew Klacik
John Krauss
  • John L. Krauss
Nichole Like
  • Nichole Like
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
Laura Littlepage
Joyce Man
  • Joyce Man
Tracy Minger
  • Tracy Minger
Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
Elizabeth Obergfell
  • Elizabeth Obergfell
John Ottensmann
  • John Ottensmann
  • Director of Urban Policy and Planning
Jamie Palmer
Seth Payton
  • Seth Payton
  • Assistant Professor
Kenna Quinet
Margie Roe
  • Margie Roe
Mark Rosentraub
  • Mark Rosentraub
Brian Sedaca
  • Brian Sedaca
Ty Simmons
  • Ty Simmons
Richard Wise
  • Richard Wise
Amy Worgan
  • Amy Worgan
Debbie Wyeth
Marilyn Yurk
  • Marilyn Yurk
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