Tracking Life Sciences Employment, Investments, and Intellectual Property Growth

Service: Program evaluation

Research Area: Economic Development

Through collaborative relationships with industry, academia, and government, BioCrossroads is working to increase wealth and investment in Indiana by creating and attracting employment and companies in the life sciences industries. Whereas previous benchmark reports (by the Center) tracked the intermediate measures of success, this project (in 2004) tracked direct measures of success.

The Center tracked employment in the life sciences sectors, intellectual property creation, venture capital investments, and federal research and development funding, including small business innovation research awards. Annual reports were submitted to BioCrossroads.

Sue Burow
  • Sue Burow
  • Senior Policy Analyst
John Krauss
  • John L. Krauss
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
Amy Worgan
  • Amy Worgan
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