Assets and Needs Data for Indiana (ANDI)

Service: Geographic information systems

Research Area: Housing & Community Development

In 2005-06 for the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance, the center is facilitating accessing information needed by nonprofit organizations serving Indiana communities by:

  • Developing a website that accesses a variety of relevant, available data from other sources, which then provides users one place to locate, download, and customize data about their county, including state averages for comparison purposes.
  • Conducting three regional trainings to demonstrate how to access the data and how to use the data for planning purposes.
  • Conducting a follow-up workshop to review progress and discuss constructive criticism.
  • Providing a staff person to answer questions about the website and the data and to assist with implementation.

Wolfgang Bielefeld
  • Wolfgang Bielefeld
Sue Burow
  • Sue Burow
  • Senior Policy Analyst
Laura Littlepage
Jeannine Smith
  • Jeannine Smith
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