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Research Area: Economic Development

In summer 2004, IUPUI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Marion County and the city of Indianapolis to form a public-academia partnership with five representatives from each of the three groups. The Center served as facilitator of IUPUI resources and programs. The purpose of the partnership was to expand collaboration between the local government and IUPUI. IUPUI offers expertise and applied research and analysis to help the city make informed decisions.

The partnership is more than a symbolic relationship between two entities that already have a long history of working together. It gives IUPUI researchers access to government information, provides the city with greater access to IUPUI resources, and offers direct service learning opportunities to students.

A team comprised of representatives from the City County Council, the Mayor’s Office, and IUPUI works to define the formal structure and process of the partnership, specify desired outcomes, and identify issues for university input.

As part of this project, the university, through the Center, entered into a two-year agreement to direct and manage the establishment of the Early Intervention Planning Council (EIPC) and monitor and evaluate implementation of the initial plan. A multidisciplinary team of IUPUI faculty will provide scientific guidance and technical assistance.

The purpose of the EIPC is to develop a comprehensive plan for early intervention that will provide services tailored to the individual needs of children who have been either adjudicated as, or are alleged (in a proceeding initiated under IC 31-37) to be delinquent, or identified by the Office of Family and Children (county office) as substantially at risk of becoming delinquent children, or who have been referred to the county office for services to be provided through the plan or are referred, with the consent of their parent, legal guardian, or custodian, to the Marion County Office of Family and Children for services.

Sheila Kennedy
Drew Klacik
John Krauss
  • John L. Krauss
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
Amy Worgan
  • Amy Worgan
Eric Wright
  • Eric Wright
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