Kazakhstan Public Officials Not-for-Credit Study Opportunity

Service: Strategic planning

In the summers of 2006 and 2007, Center faculty and staff, in collaboration with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Indiana University, provided a not-for-credit study opportunity in Indianapolis for 27 Kazakhstan public officials. The four-week visit was sponsored by the Kazakhstan Academy of Public Administration through the Working Partners Consortium, a nonprofit fund registered in Kazakhstan.

The visitors participated in daily seminars delivered by recognized experts on public administration. They also visited state and local government agencies and nonprofits in Central Indiana, participated in cultural and community events, and visited Chicago.

Tami Barreto
  • Tami Barreto
Alfred Tat-Kei Ho
  • Alfred Tat-Kei Ho
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
Natalia L. Rekhter
  • Natalia L. Rekhter
Elena Rubchinskaya
  • Elena Rubchinskaya
Nan Bohan
  • Nan Bohan
William M. Plater
  • William M. Plater
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