Central Indiana Water Resources Partnership

Services: Data management, Geographic information systems, Program evaluation, Policy analysis, Simulation modeling

Research Area: Land Use & Environment

In early 2003, PPI partnered with the Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES) to assist with research tasks associated with the Central Indiana Water Resources Partnership. These tasks included assessing past, present, and future land use in three Indiana watersheds and their reservoirs: Eagle Creek/Eagle Creek Reservoir, Fall Creek/Geist Reservoir, and Cicero Creek/Morse Reservoir. This first phase analysis involved the use of data and tools available and limited acquisition of new information.

PPI also agreed to identify additional data and research tools that might be used to conduct additional studies of the relationships between land use, nutrient loading, and reservoir management during future phases of the project. The focus of this work was to prepare a plan to guide data collection for use in geographic information systems (GIS) and in models of watershed and reservoir systems.

Dona Sapp
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
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