YMCA's Economic and Community Contributions

Services: Survey analysis, Economic impact analysis, Economic valuation

Research Area: Economic Development

Currently, the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis (YMCA) has thirteen branches in central Indiana which serve over 185,000 individuals. The YMCA is considering an expansion strategy and has identified opportunities downtown (as part of the North of South development), in the new development at the Meadows (New Avondale), and in Pike Township. As part of its expansion strategy the YMCA wants to consider the estimated economic contributions of construction and operations. Additionally, the YMCA would like to consider the new facilities’ contributions to the economic competitiveness of the neighborhoods surrounding the new facilities, and to the well-being of the residents of Greater Indianapolis. The Indiana University Public Policy Institute (PPI) has experience in these types of analyses.

The PPI suggests pursuing a four-tiered approach to describe the current and potential contributions of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis.

Drew Klacik
John Marron
  • John Marron, AICP
  • Senior Policy Analyst
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