Using Data to Market Urban Neighborhoods

Services: Data analysis, Analytical studies, Geographic information systems, Economic valuation

Research Areas: Economic Development, Land Use & Environment, Housing & Community Development

This study by the IU Public Policy Institute (PPI), supported by funding from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, is an initial exploration of the potential uses of ESRI Tapestry data for advocates of urban neighborhoods in Marion County.

Do the ESRI Tapestry data give nonprofits and public sector organizations access to the same market-driven data predominately used by for-profit firms to determine the best locations for stores, restaurants, and residential subdivisions?

The analytical focus is on the households within three zip codes selected by the City Gallery: Indy's Urban Living Center (City Gallery) in an effort to develop a market-based understanding of those who currently reside in these zip codes, as well as identifying clusters of suburban households located in surrounding counties that could be attracted to the study area. In addition, the study allows a better understanding of the data and the development of an analytical framework that can be applied to aid the marketing of any urban neighborhoods. Readers are urged to think creatively about other public and not-for-profit applications for market-driven data used by the private sector.

Drew Klacik
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