Evaluation of Outcomes Resulting from the Carmel City Center and Old Town Redevelopment Efforts

Services: Economic valuation, Economic impact analysis, Analytical studies

Research Area: Economic Development

For the city of Carmel, PPI looks at the outcomes of investments in the City Center using a four-part approach. First, the team documents the investments made by the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and the outcomes these investments leveraged. Second, the team describes and evaluates the public participatory elements used during planning for the redevelopment area, including both land use and financial plans. Third, the team estimates the value of recent changes comparing what has occurred within the redevelopment area with how Carmel might have evolved had the market been allowed to work without intervention and guidance from the public sector. Fourth, the team summarizes the good and the bad of Carmel's evolution into a set of lessons learned.

John Marron
  • John Marron, AICP
  • Senior Policy Analyst
Drew Klacik
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