School-based Probation Program Assessment

Services: Facilitated decision making, Data analysis, Policy analysis, Program evaluation, Analytical studies

Research Area: Criminal Justice

To assist the Marion Superior Court Probation Department (MSCPD) in the decision-making process regarding the future structure and location of juvenile probation service delivery in Marion County, PPI's approach focuses primarily on the perspectives and observations of the MSCPD and Marion County school personnel engaged in the school-based probation program. The analysis involves six tasks, including preparation of the university's human subjects research application and the final report synthesizing the analytical results.

The data are gathered in four ways:

  • A comprehensive literature review of school-based probation programs
  • Key informant interviews of probation officers and school administrators
  • A web-based survey of school-based probation officers placed in partnering Marion County public high schools designed and administered by PPI
  • A web-based survey of school administrators and personnel who work closely with probation officers in participating Marion County public high schools designed and administered by PPI

Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
Dona Sapp
Rachel Thelin
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