Hoosier Heartland Well and Surface Water Quality Study

Services: Analytical studies, Spatial analysis

Research Area: Land Use & Environment

In 1994, for the Hoosier Heartland Resource Conservation and Development Council, the Center conducted two studies on water quality. The first was a study to characterize nutrient and pesticide contamination of rural wells in the region. The second study's objective was to establish baseline data on contamination of surface water quality in three categories of pollutants: sediments and nutrients, pesticides, and bacteria.

R. Dommel
  • R. Dommel
R. Dooley
  • R. Dooley
Anne Kaufman
  • Anne Kaufman
Greg Lindsey
  • Greg Lindsey
Leyna Mullholland
  • Leyna Mullholland
Marybeth Schmucker
  • Marybeth Schmucker
Lisa Streisfeld
  • Lisa Streisfeld
Jack Wittman
  • Jack Wittman
Donald Wojcik
  • Donald Wojcik
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