Spaces of Innovation: Patent Activity in Indiana Metropolitan Areas, 1990-98

Service: Economic impact analysis

Research Area: Economic Development

How do Indiana's Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) compare to other MSAs in the country when examining numbers and rates of patent productivity? What is the nature of patent activities in Indiana MSAs? In this report, Indiana MSAs are compared to other selected MSAs in the United States in terms of total numbers of patents, rates of change in patent issuance, rates of patents per 10,000 MSA employees, and types of patent activity. In addition, the production of patents in the drug, pharmaceutical, and medical systems category in the Indianapolis MSA is compared to that of San Diego, San Francisco, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.


Expert Team

Amy Worgan
  • Amy Worgan
Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
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