Traffic Safety Facts: Light Trucks 2008

Services: Analytical studies, Policy analysis, Spatial analysis, Geographic information systems

Research Areas: Criminal Justice, Public Safety

In the United States in 2007, light trucks represented 40 percent of registered vehicles, vehicles involved in collisions, and vehicles involved in fatal collisions. Approximately one in every 24 registered light trucks in the United States was involved in a collision in 2007, while one in every 4,655 was involved in a fatal collision. In Indiana in 2008, 35 percent (124,038) of all vehicles involved in collisions and 31 percent (353) of vehicles involved in fatal collisions were light trucks. This fact sheet provides an overview of collisions involving light trucks in Indiana in 2008, including rates of light truck involvement, fatal and non-fatal injuries sustained in collisions involving light trucks, restraint use rates and alcohol use among light truck occupants, and county comparisons of rates of light truck involvement in collisions.


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