Welfare and Homelessness in Indianapolis: Populations at Risk and Barriers to Self-Sufficiency

Services: Analytical studies, Program evaluation

Research Area: Housing & Community Development

with Wendy Chun-Hoon, Dr. Katherine Novak, Dr. Charles Guthrie, Dr. Mary C. Moore, and Dr. Kenneth Colburn, Jr.

This issue brief represents findings from two studies in Indianapolis on populations at risk. The most comprehensive empirical study undertaken to estimate

the number of the literal homeless and those who are doubled-up, resulted in the first baseline study of poverty and homelessness in Indianapolis.In

Indiana,as in the rest of the United States,welfare reform programs have resulted in dramatic social policy changes.Notwithstanding declines in welfare

caseloads in the Indianapolis MSA,approximately half of the families who were receiving public assistance when welfare reform began continue to do so

today.In addition,judging from other studies,many who have just entered the workforce face a high risk of losing their jobs and returning to the public

assistance rolls.


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