Educating Kids About Gun Violence (EKG) Program Evaluation

Service: Program evaluation

Research Area: Criminal Justice

In response to high levels of gun violence among youth in Marion County, the Marion County Prosecutor's office developed the Educating Kids about Gun Violence (EKG) program. This program incorporates short video clips and interactive presentations which address legal, physical, and medical consequences of guns and gun violence. This report documents the findings of a program evaluation conducted by the Center for Criminal Justice Research, including analysis of 221 completed pre-program surveys and 176 post-program surveys, focusing on 130 surveys for which pre- and post-surveys could be matched. Included in the analyses are several different types of youth audiences, varying in both age and degree of prior contact with the criminal justice system.


Expert Team

Thomas Stucky
  • Thomas Stucky
Kathy  Lisby
  • Kathy J. Lisby
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