Evaluation of the Indiana Department of Education and Indiana Project Safe Neighborhoods Choices Program, 2009

Service: Program evaluation

Research Areas: Criminal Justice, Public Safety

Choices began in 2006 as a program aimed at young women at risk of being incarcerated and involved with gun violence. The program is sponsored by the Indiana Department of Education in partnership with Indiana Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) and a number of other partners. The Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) was asked, as local PSN research partner, to assist in evaluating the impact of the Choices program. Between the summer of 2008 and summer 2009, pre- and post-program surveys were administered at several locations on multiple occasions where the Choices program was presented. The pre-survey questionnaire addressed participant demographics, delinquent activity, school experience, living situation, gun and gang activity, drug use, conflict resolution, and attitudes regarding each. Post-program survey questions, a number of which were repeated from the pre-survey, dealt with conflict resolution, knowledge of firearms laws, attitudes regarding good choices, and participants’ perceptions of the impact of the Choices presentation. CCJR researchers analyzed survey results to assess whether significant changes in knowledge or attitudes occurred following the program presentation. Results of the evaluation indicate that program participants reflect an audience(s) that could potentially benefit from the program and that Choices produced some short-term changes in participants’ knowledge and attitudes, particularly among females.



Expert Team

Rachel Thelin
Thomas Stucky
  • Thomas Stucky
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