Indiana Traffic Safety Facts: Children 2010

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Research has shown that child restraint use (including lap/shoulder safety belts and child safety seats) is the most effective tool for preventing serious and fatal injuries to children who are vehicle occupants in traffic collisions. The current Indiana child passenger restraint law requires all child occupants (ages 15 and younger) to be properly restrained in a child restraint device or seat belt in all seating positions in all vehicles.

In 2010, over 4,300 children (ages 0 to 15) were involved in Indiana motor vehicle collisions. Approximately five percent of all children involved in 2010 Indiana collisions experienced serious or lifethreatening injuries; 33 of these injuries were fatal, and 235 were reported as incapacitating. This fact sheet summarizes data trends, safety legislation, and best practices on child passenger safety and Indiana traffic collisions involving children between 2006 and 2010.



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