Review of Best Practices for ICJI Program Areas: Justice Assistance Grants (JAG)

Services: Policy analysis, Program evaluation

Research Area: Criminal Justice

This report, the third in a series of 7 across 10 ICJI funding streams, describes best practices for subgrants awarded under the Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) funding stream administered by ICJI. JAG subgrants must be used to address specific federally defined purpose areas, which include the following:

  1. Law enforcement programs
  2. Prosecution and court programs
  3. Prevention and education programs
  4. Corrections and community corrections programs
  5. Drug treatment and enforcement programs
  6. Planning, evaluation, and technology improvement programs


Expert Team

Thomas Stucky
  • Thomas Stucky
Adriene Tynes
  • Adriene Tynes
  • Graduate Research Assistant
Joice Chang
  • Joice Chang
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
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