Intergovernmental Issues in Indiana: 2012 IACIR Survey

Services: Analytical studies, Data analysis, Survey analysis, Survey design

Research Areas: Intergovernmental Relations, Tax & Finance

Intergovernmental Issues in Indiana (2012) is the eleventh in a series of periodic surveys of electe4d officials designed to help the Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (IACIR) and the General Assembly understand issues facing local governments.  The 2012 survey included 42 questions and addressed many issues included in previous IACIR surveys, as well as topics currently affecting local governments.  The heart of the survey is a series of questions about 75 community conditions in six categories: health, economics, public safety, local services and infrastructure, land use, and community quality of life.

The main findings are:

  • Economic issues, the cost of health insurance, obesity, drug issues, abandoned properties, and local roadways are issues for many communities
  • Local governments respond to fiscal challenges in a variety of ways
  • Local governments contribute to retirement and health insurance benefits for employees, but the proportion making these contributions decreased from 2010
  • Local governments communicate with residents electronically
  • Perceived trustworthiness decrease with organization's increased distance
  • Officials credit residents with being informed about local government, but think current civic education efforts are lacking
  • Local governments provide training for elected officials
  • Investments in local roadways are important to communities
  • Issues relating to funding are uppermost in the minds of local government officials


Expert Team

Jamie Palmer
Debbie Wyeth
Tami Barreto
  • Tami Barreto
Jalyn Jellison
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