Marion County Metrics for Quality of Life and Community Assessment

This report is part of the Indy Indicators project, which is about measuring and engaging people in the Quality of Life in Central Indiana effort. The report focuses on Marion County. The first section provides basic demographic data anda baseline for analysis. From there the emphasis shifts to the topics often connected to quality of life: health, economics, physical and social environments, and civic engagement. Within each of these topics there are data for Marion County as well as data for comparable geographies. Depending on the source of the data, there will be data for the Indianapolis MSA, the state of Indiana, Healthy People 2020 or peer counties nationwide. Supporting indicators are also available and provide additional insight into conditions in Marion County and show if conditions are changing over time. 


Expert Team

Sue Burow
  • Sue Burow
  • Senior Policy Analyst
John Marron
  • John Marron, AICP
  • Senior Policy Analyst
Brad Coffing
  • Brad Coffing
  • Graduate Assistant
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