Traffic Safety Facts: County Profiles, 2014

Services: Analytical studies, Data analysis, Data management, Public safety analysis

Research Area: Public Safety

This report provides information on Indiana traffic collisions by county in 2014. County-level information is included for the following:

  • One map depicting locations of each collision involving a fatal injury and each collision involving an injury (incapacitating, non-incapacitating, and possible). Due to invalid or non-existent latitude and longitude coordinates, not all collisions could be mapped.
  • Fatal, injury, and property damage only collisions by month
  • Fatalities and injuries by month
  • Total collisions, fatal and non-fatal injuries by municipality
  • Total alcohol-impaired collisions, fatal alcohol-impaired collisions, and fatal and non-fatal injuries resulting from alcohol-impaired collisions by municipality
  • Licensed drivers by age group
  • Driver alcohol levels by age group
  • Alcohol levels among vehicle drivers by municipality
  • Top intersections by total mappable collision count
  • Restraint use by age group and injury status
  • Restraint use by municipality and injury status
  • Restraint use among passenger vehicle occupants by passenger vehicle type (passenger car, sport utility vehicle (SUV), pickup truck, and van) and injury status

with assistance from Greg Puetz, Research Informatics Principal, Indiana University Department of Biostatistics


Expert Team

Rachel Thelin
Dona Sapp
Seth Payton
  • Seth Payton
  • Assistant Professor
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