Traffic Safety Facts: Motorcycles, 2015

Based on data from the Indiana State Police Automated Reporting and Information Exchange System (ARIES) as of March 17, 2016, this fact sheet summarizes select attributes of 2015

Indiana motorcycle collisions including demographic characteristics, rates of helmet use, and rates of alcohol impairment among persons involved in these collisions. Beginning in 2015, changes to Indiana law were implemented regarding motorcycle and motor driven cycle classifications.

Some of the 2016 findings include:

  • 3,263 collisions involving motorcycles occurred in Indiana, a 4 percent decrease from 2014;
  • The number of fatal motorcycle collisions decreased 15 percent, from 128 to 107;
  • A total of 107 motorcycle and motor driven cycle riders died in collisions (a 16 percent decrease from 2014), while 2,607 were injured (down 9 percent);
  • Unhelmeted collision involved motorcyclists had higher fatality and injury rates than helmeted riders.


Expert Team

Samuel Nunn
  • Samuel Nunn
  • Public Safety Research Director
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