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The IU Public Policy Institute has the knowledge, data and analysis you need to make sound decisions, without political agenda or ideological bias. Drawing from a staff and faculty capable of conducting research and analysis on a wide range of topics, we will assemble the right team for your project, helping you understand current conditions and future opportunities.

From the beginning, we listen to your goals, questions and concerns about your research project. We want to make sure we clearly understand what you are looking for before we outline how we can help. Only then will we evaluate the best approach for you and your team.

Clients from the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors engage our team to:

  • gather, analyze, and explain data;
  • convene individuals and organizations with the knowledge, expertise, and insights needed to assess issues and opportunities;
  • facilitate discussions and public forums;
  • provide evaluations of marketplace conditions and context;
  • outline options and develop strategies for responding to challenges and opportunities;
  • forecast the impact of decisions;
  • and more.

It's not every day that you come across an expert team of professionals who are ready to listen and are equipped with the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Our 20-year history of delivering solid information proves our team knows what works.

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