Our Work

Research areas

Our research spans a multitude of topical areas and focuses on how the intersectionality of these issues contribute to disparities in outcomes. If you are interested in a research topic and don’t see it here, ask us! Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your research. 

We conduct needs assessments and develop metrics to assess equity within organizations.

We assess trends in neighborhood school performance, school-provided social services, and outcomes for underserved students.

We conduct analyses on homeownership, rental, eviction, and other housing trends. We also analyze and evaluate homelessness intervention and prevention strategies.

We analyze effectiveness of programs and wraparound services that aim to reduce poverty in historically underserved communities.

We examine how federal policy and ordinances affect immigrant and undocumented individual experiences in local communities.

We analyze the challenges facing historically underserved neighborhoods in Indianapolis and how they are affected by policies and initiatives.

We examine root causes of crime-related activities in Indianapolis neighborhoods.

We evaluate programs and evidence-based practices that aim to improve outcomes for youth and families.

Kelsie Stringham Marquis

We prioritize the perspectives of people who are marginalized and vulnerable in our communities in order to build effective and equitable policies and programs.

Kelsie Stringham-Marquis, research coordinator