Indiana Latino Institute Community Outreach Initiative

Services: Survey analysis, Focus groups, Survey design, Analytical studies

Research Area: Housing & Community Development

To assist the Indiana Latino Institute in an initiative to improve the quality of life for the Latino community in Indiana, the Public Policy Institute in 2014 began Phase I of a two-phase process. This process is intended to deepen the understanding by the Indiana Latino Institute of the needs and challenges facing the Latino community and to identify potential opportunities for partnership with organizations involved in service provision throughout the state.

The first phase develops a statewide profile of the Latino population and organizations in Indiana serving this community. The key research steps include:

  • Conduct key informant interviews among various stakeholders in the Latino community
  • Complete a comprehensive literature review regarding Latino community needs and service provision and perform secondary data analysis of publicly available state- and county-level data on Latino population trends in Indiana
  • Based on key informant interview findings, results of a literature review and secondary data analysis, design and implement a survey of organizations involved in service provision within the Latino community in Indiana
  • Prepare and deliver an interim report synthesizing Phase I research and results of key informant interviews, literature review, secondary data analysis, and organization survey. The report will including the following: 
    • A profile of the Latino population in Indiana
    • An overview of organizations currently serving the Latino community in Indiana, including an inventory and description of the type and scope of services provided
    • Perceptions of Latino community needs and challenges

Rachel Thelin
Dona Sapp
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