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The Indiana University Public Policy Institute produces thoughtful, policy-related research, analysis, and guidance. Our clients use our research to enhance their programs and services, to develop strategies and policies, to evaluate the impact of their decisions—and ultimately to help the people they serve.

Established in 1992, PPI is part of the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Indianapolis.

Tom Guevara

PPI is based in one of the best public policy schools in the U.S. We provide our own in-depth, unbiased analyses and can also draw on the research and expertise of internationally recognized scholars.

Tom Guevara, director of the IU Public Policy Institute

The Public Policy Institute includes:

Center for Civic Literacy

The Center for Civic Literacy examines the causes and effects of Americans’ low levels of civic knowledge. It also promotes tools to help educators and others improve civic understanding.

Center for Health and Justice Research

CHJR works with public safety agencies and social services organizations to conduct impartial applied research on criminal justice and public safety issues.

Center for Research on Inclusion & Social Policy

CRISP analyzes and disseminates community-relevant research
about social disparities and complex policy issues with the goal of supporting and improving outcomes for Central Indiana organizations.

Manufacturing Policy Initiative

The multifaceted Manufacturing Policy Initiative studies challenges facing the U.S. manufacturing sector, assesses public policies that impact the industry, and identifies policy options for enhancing this vital component of the U.S. economy.

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We work with all kinds of organizations that deal with issues affected by policy. We also partner with faculty on research and other projects.

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Center for Research on Inclusion & Social Policy Fund

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