2019 Conference

Smart Factories: Issues of Information Governance

Smart manufacturing depends critically on information governance: rules (formal and informal) concerning the collection, flow, and analysis of information, often in digital form. These rules are determined over time through collective action by governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Get the rules right, and the promise of smart manufacturing will eventually become a reality. Get the rules wrong, and smart manufacturing will never fully materialize. Information governance matters.

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2019 Briefing in photos

Indiana University School of Informatics, Computer Science, and Engineering Associate Professor David J. Crandall addresses artificial intelligence and manufacturing at Smart Factories: Issues of Information Governance conference.
Director of Ostrom Workshop and Kelley School of Business Associate Professor Scott J. Shackelford explains cybersecurity and data privacy risks at Smart Factories: Issues of Information Governance conference.
Director Keith Belton introcues House Manufacturing Caucus Co-Chair Tom Reed (New York).
Rep. Tom Reed addresses Smart Factories: Issues of Information Governance in House Rayburn Office Building on March 7.