Great Families 2020 by the numbers




$10,100Median household income

Key findings

  • GF2020 increased service capacity within participating organizations by sharing resources and knowledge.
  • GF2020 created new organizational partnerships and strengthened existing partnerships.
  • Participating GF2020 organizations learned more about services provided by their partners.

  • GF2020 participants benefited from all core GF2020 services.
  • Among the core GF2020 services, financial and employment coaching were the most popular among participants.
  • Both participants and subgrantees discussed the need for additional services related to transportation, rent, and utility assistance.
  • Rent burden and access to reliable transportation are common challenges Marion County residents face.


CRISP researchers recommend future 2Gen programs in Indianapolis consider broadening their program eligibility to include the whole family, rather than limiting services to parents/caregivers and young children. Additionally, researchers propose the following policies to promote 2Gen work in Indiana:

  • Increase TANF benefit levels and applicability
  • Encourage investment in reliable public transportation
  • Ensure that mental health and addiction services are properly funded to meet the needs of Hoosiers
  • Expand access and funding for Early Childhood Education and child care
  • Streamline public services by establishing co-located programs, building data capacity, and integrating data into programmatic decision making