2020 candidates for Indiana governor

Gov. Eric Holcomb (R)
Dr. Woody Myers (D)
Mr. Donald Rainwater (L)
Randall Shepard

It’s always an honor to moderate such a critical discussion about the future of our great state. I’m a lifelong Hoosier who wants to see Indiana thrive in every possible way, and I’m pleased to participate again in the conversation.

Randall Shepard, former chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court

Policy considerations for Indiana's next governor

Civic Health

Indiana’s voter turnout ranking has consistently placed the state in the bottom tier of the country. This brief touches on recommendations and strategies for expanding and improving civic education programs and opportunities, as well as improving voting rates in Indiana.

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COVID-19 has resulted in a disproportionate number of deaths among Black Americans across the nation. This trend holds true for Indiana’s Black residents. This brief highlights potential origins of racial disparities that influence differences in COVID-19 outcomes.

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Economic Development

This brief examines Indiana’s economic growth since the Great Recession and compares it to the United States and neighboring states. Whether the state needs a population policy is also discussed, as 55 of the state's 92 counties have lost population since 2010.

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Issue brief authors examine Indiana's environmental threats and make policy recommendations, including the creation of a commission to develop a statewide climate change action plan and increasing resources for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

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This brief considers how the challenges to governance (e.g., federalism, gerrymandering) affect four important policy areas: Indiana’s civic health; Hoosiers'  physical health and access to health care; transportation issues; and economic development.

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Health Care

Fairbanks School of Public Health Professor Ross Silverman explores the issues related to health care access, cost, and outcomes that are impacting Hoosiers, and makes recommendations for access to care, public health and prevention, health equity, and chronic illness.

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Higher Education

Creating a state environment that is a hub for opportunity, economic growth, and personal well-being requires an educational system that affords all Hoosiers the benefits associated with a degree or credential. Teresa Lubbers discusses issues of equity, affordability, and quality.

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K-12 Education & COVID-19

Currently, no consistently agreed upon school reopening strategy exists, nor does any consistently defined criteria on COVID-19 transmission levels within a community to guide campus-level decisions. The authors assess the options for K-12 education in 2020 and beyond.

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