Basic needs by the numbers

50%of IUPUI students have unmet financial needs

43%of IUPUI students face food insecurity

41%of IUPUI students face housing instability

21%of IUPUI students have unmet mental health needs

Key findings

  • Most student survey respondents report generally living in stable housing situations. However, within the past 12 months, more than one-third of survey participants report experiencing a housing challenge that made their living situation less stable.
  • Generally, food security is a bigger issue for survey respondents than housing. Roughly 1 in 5 students face very low food security, meaning they are regularly unable to afford adequate food.
  • Respondents who were Pell Grant recipients—those who qualify for specific needs-based federal financial aid—generally face more housing, food, and related issues.
  • Racial/ethnic minority students experience greater levels of food insecurity and are less likely to be highly food secure.