Probation revocation in Monroe County by the numbers

17%Overall revocation rate in Monroe County from 2014–2019

14.8Average length of supervision    (in months)

43%Percentage of probation clients who received a formal petition to revoke their supervision

65%Percentage of clients who were deemed noncompliant at least once during their supervision term

Key findings

  • Black clients are 2.5 times more likely than white clients to have a violation filed with the court (i.e., formal documentation that rules of probation have been broken) but no more likely to have their probation revoked and be sent to jail.
  • New offenses are the most prominent driver of revocation and violation rates, followed by failing to appear for appointments and failing drug screens.
  • The use of incentives by probation officers reduces clients’ rates of revocation.
  • Females are less likely to receive a formal petition to revoke or a revocation order.