John Ottensmann Interviewed for IBJ Article on Greenwood Merger

September 21, 2009

A merger Greenwood is eyeing with White River Township would create one of the largest suburban cities in the state.

Affluent neighborhoods and shopping make greater Greenwood the south-side heavyweight. But at 47,740 residents, the city lacks the horsepower of its north-side peers, where population is pushing 70,000.

Unlike annexation, a merger completely reorganizes local government. White River Township’s advisory board and trustee would be eliminated, and other government offices would take over their duties. Taxes would be restructured. So would governing bodies.

If successful, Greenwood’s merger would be only the second since the Legislature passed the Government Modernization Act of 2006.

“Doing something like this is a major challenge,” IUPUI urban planning professor John Ottensmann said. “That’s why you don’t have scores of places around the state engaged in that.”

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