CRISP Research & Evaluation Clinic

Bridging the gap to nonprofits in need of evaluation services

The CRISP Research & Evaluation Clinic was launched in spring 2020 to address the needs of diverse, historically underserved communities in multiple ways. The clinic provides pro bono research and evaluation services to community-based organizations working with diverse populations and addressing issues of equity and social policy. The work ranges from support in program development and capacity building, client participation and engagement, short-term program evaluations, and stakeholder and community engagement.

Roxy Lawrence

The clinic helps community-based organizations explain the effectiveness of their program, which can increase service impact and lead to more sustainable funding opportunities.

Roxy Lawrence, Director of Evaluation and CRISP Clinic Director

Our process

CRISP selects organizations based on three initial criteria:

  • Does the organization/program aim to achieve equitable outcomes among participants, service goals, or other aspects of the work?
  • Does the organization/program address issues of social policy?
  • Would the organization not be able to obtain these services elsewhere at low or no cost?

The team also considers the demographics of clients or neighborhood served, the size and need of related work, and the organization’s willingness to work with students. Project selection is also based on CRISP’s internal staffing capacity.

Projects will ideally take place within an academic term, but can be flexible depending on organizational need. Based on the research, project teams will create reports, briefs, and/or presentations.

Our team

Participating organizations are partnered with a diverse team of service-minded student researchers who put their skills and experience to work for organizations that lack research and evaluation capacity. These experiential learning opportunities allow our clinic students to support the needs of organizations while sharpening skills learned in the classroom. In addition, students will develop relationships with local partners that open doors to potential employment, thereby keeping IUPUI talent in Indiana.

  • Roxy Lawrence, Director of Evaluation and CRISP Evaluation Clinic
  • Kevin Keith Wiley Jr., Clinic Coordinator

  • Coming soon

  • Spring 2021
    • Keith Bevacqua 
    • Adia Chaney
    • Brittany Dugan
    • Halle Foree
    • Lashonda McKinney
    • Debora Lizeth Rodriguez-Banegas
    • Ciana Rose Sorrentino
  • Spring 2020
    • Michele Annee
    • Kaneyia Houston
    • Charity Lewis
    • Desmond Kemp
    • Stacia Murphy
    • Richard Okello
    • Latosha Rowley
    • Hampton Shields
    • Regine Vincent

  • Spring 2022
    • ProAct Indy
  • Spring 2021
    • Domestic Violence Network
    • Immigrant Welcome Center
  • Spring 2020
    • Indianapolis Housing Agency 
    • Harrison Center for the Arts