Riggs, IFD honor Firefighter and Private Robert Madden

October 07, 2015

Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety Outreach, served as keynote speaker for the IFD Firefighters Memorial, which was held at the Local 416. The memorial honored Robert Madden who was an Indianapolis firefighter in 1915. Madden died during World War I in 1918.

Here is an excerpt from Riggs' speech: 

Robert Arthur Madden joined IFD on July 15th, 1915. After serving the city for nearly three years, he placed his fire equipment aside, and took up arms as one of America's sons who fought valiantly on the field of battle in WWI.

And on a fateful day, August 8th, 1918, while he fought to protect his country and to protect democracy, he lost his life, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and cited for Heroism in action. His body remains in France, buried with other American heroes.

We might be separated by time and death, but Robert’s service to country and city cannot and should not be forgotten.

So today, let us say thank you to Firefighter and Private Robert Arthur Madden, son of Robert and Gertude, Indianapolis residents. He gave his youth to serving the city of Indianapolis as a firefighter, and his life to defending his country.

Only a few leave a legacy in death. Robert, in just 25 years left a legacy of service that helped forge the finest fire department in America and the greatest country the world has ever known.

May God bless his memory and protect those in service today.