Child Restraints and Proper Occupant Seating Positions Improve Child Passenger Safety

May 28, 2008

Research shows that child passenger safety improves greatly through proper usage of child restraints and seat belts and through proper child occupant seating positions. Experts suggest that all children should ride in the back seat of passenger vehicles
until they reach 13 years of age. Public awareness campaigns, combined with the enactment and enforcement of strong laws, are the most effective way to increase child restraint usage. The Center for Criminal Justice Research recently released a report, Indiana Child Restraint Survey 2007, summarizing results from the 2007 survey conducted by the Automotive Safety Program at Riley Hospital for Children. These findings reflect fairly broad awareness and adherence to the Indiana child passenger restraint law and the Automotive Safety Program recommended best practices, but also demonstrate the need for continued child restraint device training and education throughout Indiana.