INDOT I-69 Community Planning Program

Services: Program evaluation, Simulation modeling, Strategic planning

Research Area: Housing & Community Development

In 2006, PPI began work for HNTB Corporation under their agreement with the Indiana Department of Transportation to complete six tasks as part of the I-69 community planning process. These tasks included:

  • Project administration duties, such as communication about meetings and workshops for the steering committee.
  • Communication with state agencies, universities, and regional organizations. 
  • Community outreach, including workshops and presentations. 
  • Creating a planning and development toolbox, which includes a series of model tools to support the implementation of good planning and development practices by the communities in the project area. 
  • Developing a grant program and providing administrative support during implementation; Program evaluation/assessment.

Jamie Palmer
John Ottensmann
  • John Ottensmann
  • Director of Urban Policy and Planning
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