Martindale/Brightwood Development Capacity Analysis

Services: Data analysis, Analytical studies, Strategic planning

Research Area: Housing & Community Development

The Martindale-Brightwood area is a conglomeration of Indianapolis neighborhoods on the near-northeast side of the city. Originally two separate suburbs annexed by Indianapolis in the late 19th century, Martindale and Brightwood developed around the industrial employment centers concentrated around the railroads traversing the two communities. Martindale and Brightwood thrived in the first half of the 20th century; however, the relocation of railroad employment centers, the loss of industrial jobs dependent on rail traffic, economic restructuring, and demographic shifts in the second half of the 20th century resulted in the decline of the neighborhoods' businesses and contributed to a growing crime rate.The neighborhood decline was further exacerbated by the constructin of Interstate 70 which divided the neighborhood. Martindale-Brightwood remains a neighborhood in transition today. The Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP), utilizing a grant from the Central Indiana community foundation (CICF) commissioned an examination of the community development capacity that could be used to benefit the area.

Drew Klacik
John Marron
  • John Marron, AICP
  • Senior Policy Analyst
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