Social Return on Investing

Services: Facilitated decision making, Analytical studies, Economic impact analysis

Research Area: Housing & Community Development

This project is in partnership with the Center on Philanthropy and Grand Valley State University and is funded by the Noaber Foundation in the Netherlands. More and more grantmakers, social investors, and other donors are looking to be strategic about their venture philanthropy and social investments. To make strategic decisions, they need good quality information about the actual or potential social impact of their grants and investments, including the full, multifaceted value generated by those investments. Through a literature review and case studies, the project will distill best practices, lessons learned, and practical tips for how to value the full impact of a grant or investment, and will present those findings in case studies, articles, and seminar presentations. The four core case studies—two from Europe, two from the US—will be presented in a format that makes them easy to integrate into existing SROI software, such as social evaluatorTM. They can then be used as “showcases” of how to use SROI tools, and how to conduct valuations to allow for objective metrics of evaluation and investment comparisons.

Laura Littlepage
John Marron
  • John Marron, AICP
  • Senior Policy Analyst
Una Osili
  • Una Osili
  • Director of Research at the Center on Philanthropy
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